Chump Change

We have been asked how our pricing came about and feel it is time to share. The convo has been as such: "Why charge $14.37 or $11.18 instead of rounding up to $14.50 or $11.25?"  

Well Darlings, as you know, our motto is trendy fashion for LESS.  As your Chief Darling Officers worked out the formulations, the price calculated is exactly what we chose to charge.  It is that simple!

The reality is, as an eCommerce business all payments are made through eTransactions.  Therefor, if a payment totals at $23.48, one does not have to pull .48 cents out of their wallet or clutch.  We decided to charge the minimum amount possible to allow our Darlings a chance at being trendy without the heavy cost.

We work tirelessly to provide all Darlings with the latest trends, at the BEST prices while offering a fun unpack-aging experience.  

Would love to hear your thoughts! Bleet me at

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