Amy & Jenn

Darling Red was founded by two women joining forces to make accessorizing affordable and exciting for all of our clients.  Growing up together as cousins, Amy and Jennifer have always shared a passion for fashion. Our grandparents (farmers from Italy which immigrated to the U.S.) raised us to live conservatively within our means. Keeping up with the latest trends cost money... so here was our struggle.  

How can we look chic each season without living beyond our means? Knowing we aren't the only ladies with this thought process, we started to investigate. Through hours of research, learning, and trial and error, we founded Darling Red.  

1% of all proceeds will be donated to Jennifer is a sexual abuse survivor who remained predominantly silent for the majority of her life. With therapy, support from loved ones, and personal healing she has found her voice. We hope you find comfort in knowing a % of your money will support our fellow sisters. XO!